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New Mexico Scholastic Chess Registration

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2018 NMSCO Scholastic Championships
K12-17Feb(SF), K9-03Mar(LC), K6-08Apr(Abq)

(See the flier for the change in the K-9 venue in Las Cruces)

Qualification for K-12 Championship Procedure to determine the 8 qualifiers for the K-12 Championship Final Phase.

Denker/Girls/Barber Information Rules for determining New Mexico representatives.

Tournament Rules Rules on tournament day.

Pay for tournaments. You can also get new or renew USCF memberships.

Visit NMSCO Website for results from previous tournaments and more info.

Visit USCF Website to look-up your kid's rating (click Tnmt.Hst tab for latest)

Top Player Lists of top New Mexico scholastic players.

NM Grade Level Champions.

Chess Benefits. An overview of past research concerning the benefits of chess on kids.

Frequently Asked Questions about scholastic chess.

NMCSO tournament coaches page: email for access info.

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